Precious Adams performing Aurora act 3 variation

2014 Prix de Lausanne

(she won a scholarship + the contemporary dance prize!)

i just stared at this for ~5 min bc graceful 

she is GORGEOUS 

you kno those gifs where all you can look at is their feet

this is one of those

im so happy for her. she faced a lot of issues at Bolshoi for being black, she was even told to bleach her skin. look at her now! biggest fuck you to all the racists that treated her badly regardless of her talent. WERK GIRL.

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can an austrlian explain this to me thnks

1788 was the year Australia was ‘settled’ which is a word here that means ‘invaded by white people’ and like it’s a pretty great country nowadays except for the fact that when you bring this up and the fact that it’s had horrible, horrible continuing effects on our indigenous population like in the early 1900s they started up a thing called the Aborigine’s protection act which sounds nice but they used to literally STEAL CHILDREN ‘FOR THEIR OWN GOOD’ and then in 2000 AS IN LIKE FOURTEEN FUCKING YEARS AGO they were like ‘was there really a stolen generation tho lol like i mean it wasn’t that many kids i mean we can hardly call it a generation lmao’

literally the people in power sort of tend to stick their fingers in their ears and go LALALALALALLALALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU Australia is actually so fucked up on this front it’s really gross

but yeah a lot of people call australia day ‘invasion day’ and for good reason we have a pretty shitty past that doesnt get talked about like literally all we learned in school about pre-1788 was ‘the aboriginals walked around and did stuff like there was the dreamtime and stories and stuff’ I could go on but that’s it in a nutshell

What do you mean they “used” to steal children in “a pretty shitty past

Published as of 2013: More Aboriginal children are being taken into foster care now than during the ‘Stolen Generations.’
This exact same headline has been running in North American newspapers, delineating the exact same “phenomenon.” Just replace ‘Aboriginal’ with ‘Native’, and ‘Stolen Generations' with 'Residential Schools' if you wanna get specific, but in reality they're just synonyms of the same epidemic.

As it is in Australia, as it is Canada, as it is the U.S., as it is in every nation and region that white Europeans have invaded, ripped up, and colonized.

Of course the number indigenous children in foster care today far outnumber the heights of the Stolen Generations and Residential Schools combined. Every class bastard knows this. Bio spawn should probably get a clue by now.

Just don’t talk about this shit as if it were in the past. Cuz it’s not.

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Please tell me who are brown girls? Are they only desi? What about Asians? Arabs? Are Latin@s brown? English is not my first language so I apologise for any mistakes. Thank you!

No it’s very good english! And we classify brown girls as well, generally, nonwhite girls in the Western world. Obviously, it’s complicated within Asia etc, but yes basically, in America, UK, Australia etc, we classify all of those girls under the broad term of ‘brown’, as well as an emphasis on mixed girls :)


colors of India..!!

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It was common for women and young boys to be sold as slaves in the markets of the Levant. Girls distinguished for their beauty ended up in the harem of the Pasha who had won a battle or taken a besieged town, and others were dispatched to the brothels of Constantinople. Often, when a beautiful girl or woman was noticed by the Turks, she was singled out in the treaty of surrender and before a safe passage was agreed upon with the defenders of a town. We do not have accurate numbers about the women captured and subsequently sold as slaves, but rather estimates for some of the most striking cases. A considerable number of the women of Chios in 1822 (10,000 of them according to Samuel Howe) and many of the women of Mesolongi in 1825 suffered this fate. Captured women and children after the fall of Mesolongi were estimated at 3,000 and those killed along with old men at 2,000. Only seven or thirteen women were said to have survived the exodus from the town. We do not have precise numbers for the young women and boys taken prisoners at Psara or killed there.

Some accounts of slavery are quite shocking: one girl was sold forty times within the same day; another girl from Chios killed herself to avoid marriage to the Turk who had bought her, while her mutilated sister, whose hand had been cut off, was ransomed. Mothers were separated from their children under tragic circumstances, and older women were killed since they were not easily sold as slaves. The massacres of the women and children and the selling of others as slaves became widely known narratives at the time and moved the peoples of Europe and the United States, thus boosting the Philhellenic movement [one that this essay does not add ended up having colonial consequences for Greeks in both what are now the countries Cyprus and Greece]. The tragic events during the fall of Mesolongi became also widely known. There was initially a collective decision of the Guards of Mesolongi to kill each other’s womenfolk and children before their secret exodus from the besieged town. They were dissuaded from this plan by the bishop Iosif of Rosgai, and they finally agreed to take their families with them. The women, who participated in the exodus, were dressed in men’s clothes since they preferred to be taken for men during the battle and to be killed rather than taken alive.

Helen Angelomatis-Tsougarakis, “Women in the Greek War of Indepence” Networks of Power in Modern Greece (pp. 57-8)

Ok, anyway I’ve posted/reblogged a few more quotes than I normally do, so I’ll try and refrain from doing that for a little bit.

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